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A symbol of wisdom is?
a) a frog b) an owl c) d)
is something that happens in a story or movie when a charcter or the narrator remembers something from the past is what?
a) flashback b) simile c) d)
What is the literary term for a play?
a) drama b) short story c) d)
Characteriztion is a techniques that writers use to describe?
a) characters b) the plot c) d)
Medea is an example of
a) a comedy b) a tragedy c) d)
Which best characterizes Medea?
a) a loving mother b) vengeful and cruel c) d)
Why does Medea kill her children?
a) She hates them b) to make Jason suffer c) d)
A story that is made up or not true, like "Shrek" or the "Wizard of Oz" is
a) non-ficiton b) fiction c) d)
Where and when the story takes place is the
a) setting b) irony c) d)
The problem or trouble the characters encounter in a story is called
a) setting b) conflict c) d)
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