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Which of the following is an example of imagery
a) she is as slippery as a snake b) The golden, red sun set in the Carolina bule sky. c) d)
Imagery is
a) language that paints a clear picture for the reader b) a comparison of 2 very different things using like or as c) d)
In the word successful, ful means
a) without b) full of c) d)
In thw word misunderstood, mis means
a) not, opposite of b) one who c) d)
The connotation of the word snake means
a) a reptile b) c) d) shady person
In the word disapparance, - dis means
a) not, oppossite of b) one who c) d)
The denotation of the word cool is
a) hip b) c) d) neither warm nor cold
Connotation means
a) the definition of a word b) c) d) the feeling you get from a word
The coonotation of the word cool is
a) someone who is popular b) c) d) warm
Which of the following is an example of imagery?
a) Lucy's heart is a stone b) The crying baby's face was bright red from all of her screeching and loud screaming. c) d)
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