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Refraction in a wave is when the particles are far apart. Which of the following represents this?
a) ***** b) * * * * * * * c) **** ********* d)
When a wavelength increases, the frequency of the wavelength:
a) increases b) stays the same c) decreases d)
The unit used to measure the frequency of a wave is:
a) yards b) hertz c) pounds d)
When heat is added to water, teh molecules in the ater will:
a) move slower b) stop c) move faster and farther apart d)
Radiation is solar energy from:
a) Moon b) Sun c) Earth d)
If you wrap a magnet with wire, what type of energy will you produce?
a) chemical b) electric c) nuclear d)
Which type of sound waves do doctors use for medical diagnosis?
a) ultrasound b) sonar c) x-rays d)
If you already have a battery, what else do you need to make an electromagnet?
a) string b) plastic spoon c) copper wire & nail d)
Which type of sound waves are used under water to locate things?
a) sonar b) radio c) radar d)
Refraction of a wave is when the particles are:
a) close together b) far apart c) there are no particles d)
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