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What is that?
a) A football pitch b) c) d)
Who is he? What is his position on the pitch?
a) Iker casillas. He is a gooalkeeper b) c) d)
Who controls the match?
a) A referee b) c) d)
Do you remember another name for forward?
a) attacker b) c) d)
How do you call a
a) A foul b) c) d)
Who avoids other player from getting near the goalpost?
a) The defenders b) c) d)
How do you call a strong kick towards the goalpost?
a) A shoot b) c) d)
How do you call a foul near the goal-post?
a) A penalty b) c) d)
The match ended 1-0. So, the final .........................was 1-0
a) score b) c) d)
You can say: Chelsea won the match or Chelsea ................Bayern
a) beat b) c) d)
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