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Which scientist was the first to divide all organisms into two groups?
a) Altothipones b) Aristotle c) Alhalmbra d) Antigone
Which term means the physical outward appearance of an organism?
a) genotype b) sediotype c) phenotype d) metatype
A ___________________ structure is one that no longer serves a function in modern organisms.
a) recessive b) sedimentary c) vestigial d) metaphase
Lions and hyenas occupy the same habitat and struggle to utilize many of the same resources in their shared habitat. This is an example of
a) natural selection b) domination c) adaptation d) competition
The Wooly Mammoth and the Tyranosaurus Rex are both examples of animals who are
a) extinct b) benign c) recenotypical d) dominant
The Eastern Cottonmouth snake is also know by Agkistrodon piscivorus, which is its scientific name. Agkistrodon piscivorous is made up of the names of the snake's
a) Kingdom and phylum b) Class and phylum c) Genus and species d) Species and genus
Which is the term for a change that better enables an organism to survive in its environment?
a) classification b) competition c) correction d) adaptation
What term describes the stage of mitosis when sister chromatids pull apart?
a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telephase
What term names the study of biological inheritance patterns?
a) biology b) genetics c) chromosomological analysis d) phenotypical investigation
Which term is the name for the long continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes?
a) RNA b) eukaryotic c) prokaryotic d) chromosome
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