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Refer to figure 19 on page 110; What is the single largest source of air pollutnats
a) industrial processes b) transportation c) stationary cource fuel combustion d) solid waste disposal
Refer to figure 19 on page 110; What percentage of the major primary air pollutants is composed of nitrogen oxides
a) 14.8% b) 13.6% c) 16.4% d) 49.1%
Which of the pollutants are considered to contribute to the pollution problem known as acid precipitation ?
a) carbon monoxide and particulates b) nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides c) nitrogen oxides and volatile organics d) carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides
What is the function of the atmosphere's ozone layers
a) shields Earth from harmful solar radiation b) protects Earth from the sun's heaat c) removes pollution from the atmosphere d) provides oxygen needed by human life
The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide helps to
a) maintain warmth near Earth's surface b) deflect harmful radiation from space c) increase precipitation in arid aareas d) forms clouds in the atmosphere
Which of the following is NOT a land resource?
a) wind b) iron c) soil d) forests
Which of the following do petroleum resources provide in addition ot energy
a) plastics b) aggregate c) nickle d) cardboard
One way that mining for mineral resources damages land is by
a) increasing soil erosion b) adding greenhouse gases to the environment c) casuing salinization d) depleting the world's ozone
In which decade were the first iomportant laws passed to decrease water pollution
a) 1970s b) 1950s c) 1960s d) 1980s
The Clean Water Act
a) required industries to reduce or eliminate point source pollution in surface waters b) established National Ambient Air Quality Standards c) set maximum contaminant levels for pollutants in drinking water d) required pollution control devices on cars and power plants
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