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Which of the following is a kingdom of organisms that are decomposers?
a) Animal b) Plant c) Fungi d) Protista
Which term names the division of the cell nucleus and its contents?
a) Meiosis b) Mitosis c) Mesozoic d) Metaphase
Distinguishing characteristics that are inherited such as hair and eye color are called
a) adaptations b) mutations c) traits d) genetics
What are differences among members of the same species called?
a) variations b) mutations c) genotypes d) chromatids
Which is the most specific classification group?
a) kingdom b) species c) phylum d) class
Which era is the earliest, in which living things first evolved?
a) Mesozoic b) Paleozoic c) Precambrian d) Cenozoic
What is the term that describes a change in the DNA of an organism?
a) metaphase b) classification c) radiometrics d) mutation
Which of the following means having two different alleles for a trait?
a) homozygous b) heterozygous c) genotypes d) phenotypes
What is another term for duplicated chromosomes?
a) vestigials b) sister cenozodes c) sister chromatids d) metastazizers
Which is a kingdom of single celled organisms that live in moist environments?
a) Plant b) Animal c) Protist d) Fungi
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