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Provides a death benefit and builds cash value
a) Permanent life insurace b) Term life insurance c) Temporary life insurance d) Short term disability
Fee for violating terms of credit agreement
a) processing fee b) Penalty c) Late Fee d) finance charge
Credit to be paid off in a set period of time
a) revolving credit b) installment credit c) service credit d) charge card
Protects you if someone is injured on your property
a) short term disability b) personal liability c) long term disability d) major medical
Ability to borrow money and pay it back later
a) loan b) credit c) cash d) charge card
Provides portion of pay for up to 2 years due to injury or illness
a) long term disability b) life insurance c) health insurance d) short term disability
Procedure to relieve someone of excessive debt
a) debt consolidation b) credit counseling c) debt management d) bankruptcy
Price paid for insurance coverage
a) copay b) deductible c) premium d) rebate
Account one can charge repeatedly up to a maximum limit
a) installment credit b) charge card c) service credit d) revolving credit
Amount one must pay before insurance will pay
a) copay b) premium c) deductible d) rebate
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