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Person who can be claimed on tax return
a) dependent b) tenant c) landlord d) independent
Voluntary deductions
a) federal income tax b) social security c) retirement plan d) medicare
Pay for each month or year worked
a) wage b) commission c) salary d) bonus
Used by employees to list exemptions and tax withholdings
a) W-2 b) 1040EZ c) W-4 d) I-9
Total salary or wages earned
a) net pay b) gross pay c) bonus d) commission
Reports worker's taxable income for year
a) W-4 b) W-2 c) I-9 d) 1040EZ
Pay for each hour worked
a) Salary b) Bonus c) Commission d) Wage
Deductions required by law
a) retirement plan b) health insurance c) federal income tax d) life insurance
Amount of check after deductions
a) gross pay b) net pay c) salary d) commission
Percentage of sales paid to salesperson
a) bonus b) salary c) commission d) wage
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