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Money or things you own
a) Assets b) Liabilities c) Fixed expenses d) Variable expenses
Difference between planned income or spending and actual income or spending
a) Fixed expenses b) Variable expenses c) Assets d) Variance
a) Assets b) Fixed expenses c) Variable expenses d) Liabilities
Costs that can go up and down
a) Fixed expenses b) Variable expenses c) Variances d) Assets
Requires warning labels be visible on products
a) FDA b) HIPPA c) FTC d) Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act
Protects investors and oversees securities market
a) HIPPA b) FTC c) FDA d) SEC
Based on estimated cash inflows and outflows
a) Budget b) Expenses c) Income d) Variances
Costs that do not change
a) Variable expenses b) Fixed expenses c) Assets d) Liabilities
Enforces laws and prevents the selling of mislabeled foods, drugs, etc.
a) FDA b) HIPPA c) FTC d) SEC
Restricts unfair methods of competition
a) FDA b) HIPPA c) FTC d) SEC
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