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How full should the decorator bag be filled when decorating a cake?
a) No more than one-half b) To the top c) No more than two-thirds d) No more than three-fourths
What is TRUE about cooked frostings?
a) Are difficult to spread b) Cannot be used a decorative frosting c) Are prepared using principles of candy making d) Are not prepared using a mixer
All cooked frosting contain:
a) Beaten egg whites b) Heated sugar syrup c) Cream cheese d) Butter
The recommended techinque for frosting a two-layer cake is:
a) Frost first layer and frost second layer b) Stack, frost sides, and frost top. c) Frost top of first layer, stack, frost sides, and frost top. d) Frost top of first and second layer, stack, and frost sides
How can a smooth finish be created on a frosted cake?
a) Coat the spatula with shortening b) Dip the spatula in cold water c) Dip the spatula in warm water d) Microwave the frosting for 30 seconds
How should the cake be prepared prior to frosting?
a) Brush off loose crumbs b) Dust with four c) Fill depressions with shortening d) Warm in the microwave
Which is a good techinque to frost a cake?
a) Brush the crumbs from the cake as it is frosted b) Do not frost between layers c) Frost the top of the cake first d) Keep the frosting bowl covered
An incorrect method for frosting a cake is
a) To brush the crumbs from the cake as it is frosted b) To keep the frosting covered in the bowl. c) To remove the humps with a bread knife d) To spread frosting from the center outwards
Which is an inappropriate technique for filling pans for an unshortened cake?
a) Fill-the pan two-thirds full b) Run a spatula through the pan to remove air pockets c) Spread the batter evenly with a spatula d) Tap the pan on the counter to remove air bubbles
Which pan size will require 14 to 18 ounces if high-fat batter?
a) Loaf b) Round 8 inch c) Round 9 inch d) Tube
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