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You should only choose graphics that ________.
a) Serve a purpose b) All of the above c) Are animated d) Entertain your audience
The basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation is the _____________.
a) slide b) stash c) set d) stack
__________________ specifies the height of the characters.
a) Color b) Style c) Size d) Font
The _____________ is the appearance of typed characters.
a) Size b) Color c) Point d) Format
The __________ tab is the tab curently displayed.
a) Open b) None of the above c) Active d) Center
To make your presentation more imporessive you can add ____________.
a) Tables b) All of the choices c) Sound d) Video
THe __________ is the primary tab that contains the more frequently used commands.
a) Welcome b) TItle c) Home d) Contextual
A presentation is also called a _______________.
a) Preview b) Publication c) Slide Show d) Gallery
_____________ is the control center in PowerPoint.
a) Gallery b) Status Bar c) Ribbon d) Office theme
MIcrosoft Office ___________ is a complete presentations graphics program that allows you to produce professional-looking presentations.
a) Access b) Excel c) PowerPoint d) Word
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