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What is this
a) Elliptical b) Inner planets c) Globular d) Irregular
what is this?
a) Spiral b) Nebula c) Irregular galaxy d) globular cluster
Wh0 is this?
a) Mr. Ammeraal b) Mr. Hubble, classified galaxies c) Mr. Fine d) Mr. Yonker
what is this galaxy?
a) Open Cluster b) Nebula c) Irregular Galaxy d) Spiral
what is this glaxay
a) Spiral Galaxy b) Elliptical Galaxy c) Nebula d) Globular Cluster
What is this?
a) Elliptical b) Globular c) Spiral d) Nebula
What is this?
a) Spiral b) Globular Cluster c) Open d) Nebula
What is this?
a) Inner planets b) Outer planets c) rocky surface planets d) boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, Girls go to college to get more knowledge
What is this?
a) gaseous planets b) Outer planets c) Inner Planets d) Moons
What is this?
a) Lunar system b) solar system c) Skeletal system d) West Ottawa School system
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