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Using liquid and high temperatures to help tenderize and cook meat products is called _____.
a) Dry heat b) Moist heat c) Perishable d) Refined
Milk that has been mechanically treated to allow the fat to remain suspended in the milk, not rising to the top is called _____.
a) Homogenized b) Pasturized c) Fortified d) Enriched
Nutrients are added to replace those lost in processing. This is called:
a) Enriched b) Fortified c) Refined d) Homogenized
A flour made with only a portion of the grain kernel is __________.
a) Cereal Grains b) Enriched c) Refined d) Fortified
Using high temperatures to cook an already tender cut of meat is called ______.
a) Dry heat b) Moist Heat c) White Sauce d) Pasteurized
Something that will not stay fresh very long without proper storage is ______.
a) Cereal Grains b) Homogenized c) Perishable d) Shelf Stable
Milk that has been heated to a specific temperature to remove undesired bacteria has been ______.
a) Pasteurized b) Homogenized c) Fortified d) Refined
Nutrients are added in amounts greater than naturally occurring.
a) Enriched b) Refined c) Perishable d) Fortified
A thickened milk product made from fat, flour, milk and seasonings;used as the base for many dishes is a(n) _____.
a) Pasteurized Milk b) Cereal Grains c) White Sauce d) Brown Sauce
Starchy grins that are suitable for use as food-examples are corn, wheat and rice.
a) Cereal Grains b) Fortified Grains c) Homogenized Grains d) Pasturized Grains
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