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What are proofreader marks?
a) A uniform language for correcting typed copy b) Marks used to make spelling corrections on the printed final copy c) Marks used to program the spell check function on the computer d) An outdated means of correcting typed copy
is a type classification used in most textbooks.
a) Roman b) Text c) Sans serif d) Script
is used to increase or decrease space between letters.
a) Tracking b) Kerning c) Spacing d) Quadding
What is a serif?
a) Strokes that project out of the top and bottom of a character b) The backwards slant of a character c) The forward slant of a character d) The thickness of the main stroke of a character
is used to decrease or increase white space between selected characters.
a) Kerning b) Leading c) Letterspacing d) Wordspacing
What does pre flight mean?
a) Checking documents for completeness, to make sure it prints without problems b) Rough sketches c) Labeling the parts of the document d) Sketching a design before layout
What is the best way to determine paper grain?
a) Wetting the paper b) Folding the paper c) Cutting the paper d) Grain direction does not matter
What is RAM, random access memory?
a) Temporary memory b) Zip disk memory c) Restricted memory d) Permanent memory
What is the purpose of a cover letter?
a) Highlight your skills and how you can benefit the company b) Highlight your personal interests c) Highlight your employment history d) Highlight your education
The of a color is the purity of that color, which is required in pastels and shades.
a) Chroma b) Hue c) Tertiary d) Color balance
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