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When egg and sperm unite, a _____ is formed.
a) gamete b) zygote c) embryo d) fetus
During mitosis and meiosis, _____ are paired.
a) eggs b) cells c) nuclei d) chromosomes
The body's most important defense against infectious diseases is the _____.
a) vaccine b) immune system c) endocrine system d) Food Guide Pyramid
_____ is a type of germ that is not living.
a) An antibody b) A virus c) A pathogen d) A phagocyte
Protein is _____ that cells use to reproduce and repair themselves.
a) a vaccine b) an antibody c) a mineral d) a nutrient
Human genetics is the study of how humans inherit _____.
a) chromosomes b) traits c) genes d) mutations
An organism's surroundings is its _____.
a) base b) gamete c) environment d) generation
Color blindness is an example of _____.
a) a genetic disease b) mutation c) selective breeding d) a sex-linked trait
_____ is the division of the nucleus into two new nuclei.
a) Meiosis b) Mitosis c) Heredity d) Inbreeding
The group of all the genes found within a certain population is called a _____.
a) gene base b) gene pool c) gamete d) carrier
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