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_____ are the main organs in keeping water balance in mammals and birds.
a) Lungs b) Gills c) Kidneys d) Hormones
Platelets are helpful in _____.
a) fighting disease b) removing carbon dioxide c) digesting food d) clotting the blood
Which of the following body parts is about the size of a human fist?
a) the heart b) the small intestine c) the cornea d) the cochlea
Which blood vessels carry blood to the heart?
a) capillaries b) arteries c) plasma d) veins
What is the principal function of digestive enzymes?
a) regulating gland secretions b) fighting disease c) breaking down food d) absorbing nutrients
Almost half our blood consists of _____.
a) white blood cells b) antibodies c) red blood cells d) capillaries
Living things come only from other _____.
a) eggs b) sperm c) living things d) chromosomes
DNA is a chemical found in the _____ of organisms.
a) traits b) characteristics c) population d) cells
After mitosis has occurred, _____ new cells have been formed.
a) no b) two c) three d) four
Eggs and sperm are called _____.
a) ovaries b) chromosomes c) gametes d) zygotes
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