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We need more sugar. There's ..... sugar in the cupboard
a) little b) few c) much d) a lot of
The mall was crowded. There were ..... people there last weekend.
a) a lot of / many b) a lot of c) many d) much
At the beginning, there were ..... books in our library but now we have received some donations from publishers.
a) few b) a lot of c) many d) little
The conference was not exactly a success because ..... students were absent.
a) many b) much c) little d) few
Encyclopaedias and dictionaries provide us with ..... word definitions.
a) a lot of b) much c) few d) little
Turn the tap off! You're wasting ..... water
a) a lot of b) many c) few d) little
He failed the exam because he had ..... knowledge about the subject.
a) little b) few c) much d) many
I'm going shopping. I need to make ten apple cakes and there are ..... apples in my pantry.
a) few b) many c) a lot of d) little
He's very shy, he doesn't open his heart easily. Only ..... friends know about his feelings.
a) few b) a lot of c) little d) many
Your sports equipment is amazing. You've got ..... helmets, rackets and bats.
a) many b) much c) few d) little
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