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A _____ resource is one that is only available in a limited supply.
a) nonrenewable b) core c) solar d) renewable
A _____ law of energy states that energy changes from high-quality to low-quality forms.
a) first b) second c) third d) fourth
Which is NOT an example of kinetic energy?
a) a car traveling down the highway b) a liter of gasoline in a gas can c) a rock falling from a cliff d) a train moving down the track
Natural gas can be used once the _____ are removed.
a) methane gases b) coal fragments c) impurities d) diatoms
In _____, the top layer of plants, soil, and rocks are removed.
a) mountaintop removal b) strip mining c) pit mining d) tailings
Most fossil fuels come from ancient organisms, such as _____.
a) refineries b) ethanol c) tubines d) diatoms
The type of fossil fuel used most by electric companies in the United States is _____.
a) geothermal b) coal c) solar d) natural gas
Which type of energy source is used least by electric companies in the United States?
a) natural gas b) coal c) oil d) alternative energy
Which is NOT an example of potential energy?
a) a rock positioned on the edge of a cliff b) a tank of natural gas c) a car moving down the highway d) a liter of gasoline
_____ is a thick, liquid mixture of hydrogen, carbon, and other elements.
a) Crude oil b) Coal c) Sulfur Oxide d) A diatom
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