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We've got ..... flour. Why don't we make ..... big cake?
a) some / a b) any / a c) some / any d) some / some
Jason has got ..... elderly brother
a) an b) any c) some d) the
Be careful! There is ..... snake near the river
a) a b) an c) the d) any
There is ..... coke in the fridge. Are there ..... glasses in the cupboard?
a) some / any b) any / some c) some / some d) any / any
There aren't ..... grapes in the kitchen.
a) any b) some c) the d) a
Have you got ..... meat for dinner?
a) any b) some c) the d) a
I got 10 out of 10. There weren't ..... mistakes in my exam.
a) any b) some c) the d) a
Is there ..... ice-cream for us?
a) any b) some c) a d) the
Is there ..... egg for the omelette?
a) an b) a c) some d) the
Can you pass me ..... salt, please?
a) the b) an c) a d) some
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