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..... industry of footwear is very popular in that town.
a) The b) A c) An d) 0
..... Polar Bears live in ..... North Pole
a) 0 / the b) The / the c) 0 / a d) The / 0
You won't believe us. We have just seen ..... alligator.
a) an b) a c) 0 d) the
I love ..... chocolate cakes but I don't like ..... cakes of that bakery.
a) 0 / the b) the / the c) 0 / 0 d) a / a
..... tail of that animal is very long.
a) The b) 0 c) A d) An
Do you like ..... strawberries? I absolutely love them.
a) 0 b) the c) a d) an
She can't stand ..... sound of their music.
a) the b) 0 c) a d) an
- Are those people ..... cleaners? - No, they are ..... tourists.
a) the / 0 b) the / the c) 0 / 0 d) 0 / the
Is ..... wrestling your favourite hobby?
a) 0 b) the c) a d) an
..... pizza is their favourite food, so I'll bring ..... pizza slice to their party.
a) 0 / a b) The / 0 c) An / a d) A / 0
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