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A specific attribute of an Access data field, such as name, caption, field size, or input mask.
a) Field Property b) Field Name c) Junction Table d) Data Type
The connection between a source file and a destination file, or between two tables; any changes made later to the source file are reflected in the destination file.
a) Field Property b) Field Name c) Link d) Junction Table
The process of copying data from an Access table or query to another database or to another type of file, such as an Excel worksheet.
a) Import b) Export c) Link d) Lookup Field
A table that provides a link between two tables that have a many-to-many relationship; it has a one-to-many relationship with each of the two tables it links.
a) Field Name b) Data Type c) Link d) Junction Table
A field property that determines display format and limits the type of data that can be entered; makes data entry faster and more precise.
a) Input Mask b) Export c) Import d) Link
A field that looks up a list of values in another table or in a static list, and presents the list of values for data entry selection.
a) Link b) Lookup Field c) Input Mask d) Field Name
The name by which Access recognizes a data field.
a) Field Property b) Data Type c) Lookup Field d) Field Name
A field property that determines what type of data the field can contain (for example: Number, Text, Date/Time, or Yes/No).
a) Field Name b) Junction Table c) Data Type d) Lookup Field
The process of copying data from another source, such as a database or spreadsheet, into an open Access database.
a) Link b) Input Mask c) Export d) Import
The table on the "one" side of a one-to-many relationship.
a) Related Table b) Junction Table c) Primary Table d) Input Mask
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