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When gravity causes water to flow downhill as surface water instead of soaking into the ground; this is called ________.
a) ground water b) runoff c) aquifer d) zone of saturation
The top of the zone of saturation is called the _____ _____.
a) water table b) ground water c) surface water d) aeration zone
The area that groundwater is stored is called a(n) _____.
a) well b) zone of saturation c) water table d) aquifer
An area that is drained by a river and all the streams that empty into it, the tributaries, is called a
a) well b) drainage basin or watershed c) aquifer d) impermeable rock
The high ground between two drainage basins.
a) divide b) aquifer c) watershed d) delta
These form where the river ends its journey into a still body of water like a lake or the ocean
a) divide b) aquifer c) watershed d) delta
These have been placed along some rivers in order to produce hydroelectric power and to offer recreation in the lakes
a) dams b) divides c) drainage basins d) watersheds
Earth is 71% water with _____ freshwater.
a) 3% b) 5-7% c) 0-14 % d) 7%
Resources are replaced through natural processes at a rate that is equal to or greater than the rate at which they are being used. Air, freshwater, soil, living things, and sunlig
a) renewable b) nonrenewable c) inherited d) limited
Resources are exhaustible because they are being extracted and used at a much faster rate than the rate at which they were formed.
a) renewable b) nonrenewable c) inherited d) limited
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