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Layers of soil are also called ____.
a) horizons b) composition c) soil quality d) soil profiles
Soils form in layers and all the layers make up the __________ _________.
a) composition texture b) pH level c) soil profile d) particle size
Nutrient rich, containing a mixture of humus, clay, and minerals, is most suitable for plant growth.
a) topsoil b) subsoil c) parent material above bedrock d) bedrock
Decayed organic matter in soil is called ___.
a) sand b) humus c) clay d) silt
What depends on the size of individual soil particles and is determined by the relative proportions of particle sizes that make up the soil.
a) composition b) permeability c) particle size d) texture
Soil particles that are larger than 2mm
a) sand b) gravel c) clay d) silt
How freely that water flows between the pores in soil is known as ____.
a) composition b) permeability c) pH d) texture
Regardless of the nutrients present in the soil, if the _____ is not suitable those nutrients will be inaccessible to the organisms.
a) composition b) permeability c) pH d) texture
What is a type of fertilizer that alters pH and makes the soil nutrients more accessible
a) lime b) gravel c) pores d) silt
What is the best pH for plan growth?
a) 2-3 b) 10-12 c) 8-9 d) 5-7
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