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Blows towards equator from easterly direction.
a) trade wind b) bow c) stern d) tugboat
forward part of the ship
a) stern b) tugboat c) deck d) bow
rear part of a boat
a) tugboat b) bow c) stern d) deck
used for towing and pushing ships
a) tugboat b) starboard c) leeward d) gasping
platform forming a floor on the ship
a) pitch b) stern c) bow d) deck
on a ship one-ends falls and the other rises
a) pitch b) starboard c) leeward d) ballast
right side fo a ship
a) starboard b) leeward c) ballast d) stern
located away from the wind
a) starboard b) stern c) leeward d) ballast
heavy material to make a ship steady
a) pitch b) ballast c) gasping d) doused
a) gasping b) doused c) scanning d) langosta
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