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Which of the following is NOT metal?
a) Sulfur b) Iron c) Sodium d) Calcium
Which of the following equations is balanced? (note the numbers behind the symbols should be subscripts)
a) 2H + 2O --> 2 H2O b) H2 + O2 --> H2O c) H + O --> H2O d) 2H2 + O2 --> 2 H2O
What are the correct number of atoms for each element in this sample: 4H2O (The 2 behind the H should be a subscript)
a) 2 Hydrogens, 2 Oxygens b) 4 Hydrogens, 2 Oxygens c) 8 Hydrogens, 4 Oxygens d) 4 Hydrogens, 4 Oxygens
Pure substances that are composed of two or more types of elements, can only be changed into simpler substances by chemical changes
a) compounds b) metals c) molecules d) mixtures
The smallest part of a COMPOUND, made up of two or more elements
a) atoms b) mixtures c) molecules d) sodium
Which of the following is a mixture?
a) oxygen b) water c) carbon d) salt and pepper
What is the range of the pH scale?
a) 0-14 b) 1-12 c) 7 d) 6-8
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an acid?
a) sour taste b) reacts with bases c) include dish detergent, cleaners d) 0-6 on the pH scale
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a base?
a) bitter taste b) 0-6 on the pH scale c) feels slippery d) 8-14 on the pH scale
When a substance is neither an acid or a base it is ____.
a) neutral or pure water b) orange juice c) cola d) lysol cleaner
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