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Two times a number
a) 2x b) 2+x c) 2-X d) 2/x
Five minus three plus two
a) -5+32 b) 53+2 c) 5-3+2 d) 3+52-3
a) Six plus 3 b) two times a number minus three times six c) Six plus three multiplied by two minus a number d) Three more than Six minus two times a number
two plus nine
a) 2+9 b) 2x4 c) 6/7 d) 2-3
nine plus two minus three times eight
a) 9+2-3+8 b) 9+2-3*8 c) 3-9+2-8 d) 8-3+2
two less than five minus six plus one
a) 5-2-6+1 b) 5+6-1+2 c) 5-2 d) 5+2-1+6
a) two plus seven minus a number b) Two a minus seven a plus a number c) Two minus seven minus a number d) Two A plus seven A minus a number
a) A number increased by thirteen is twenty b) thirteen minus a number is twenty c) thirteen times a number is twenty d) twenty minus thirteen is a number
When eight is subtracted from five times a number the result is six
a) 8-5x=6 b) 5x-8=8 c) 5x-8=6 d) 8-6x=5
fifty less than two times a number
a) 50-2x b) 50-2-x c) 2x-50 d) b-48
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