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The word muscle is from Latin musculus, diminutive of mus, which means
a) mountain b) magnify c) mouse d) move
What is the largest muscle in the human body?
a) glutes b) gluteus maximus c) quadricep d) heart
Which of the following will not help you \
a) weight training b) botulinum toxin A injections c) proper nutrition d) anabolic steroids
If you pulled a muscle, what have you done?
a) You stretched it. b) You relaxed it. c) You contracted it d) You tore it.
Which of these people is a well known bodybuilder, actor, and \
a) Steve Reeves b) Lou Ferrigno c) Arnold Schwarzenegger d) Roy Park
Muscles are connected to bones by:
a) Tendons b) Meniscus c) Bursae d) Ligaments
What are the causes of muscle cramp?
a) Diabetes b) All of these c) Alcoholism d) Chronic kidney disease
This muscle is the longest in the human body.
a) sartorius b) thyroid c) calf d) bicep
The muscle that pumps blood throughout the body is
a) skeletal b) smooth c) strong d) cardiac
Some of your biggest and most powerful muscles are:
a) quads b) biceps and triceps c) In your back near your spine d) gluteus maximus
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