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Which process decreases when the human body temperature decreases?
a) Blood flow to the internal organs b) Secretion of sweat c) Secretion of insulin d) Shivering
Which organ secretes enzymes that are active at a low pH?
a) mouth b) pancreas c) stomach d) liver
Which vessel carries deoxygenated blood?
a) the pulmonary artery b) the coronary artery c) the aorta d) the pulmonary vein
Which is NOT true of active immunity?
a) It can be produced by exposure to a disease-causing organism. b) It can be produced artificially. c) It can be produced by a virus. d) It can be transferred via the colostrum.
Anti-diuretic hormone has its main effect on what part of the nephron?
a) proximal tubule b) Bowman's capsule c) loop of Henle d) collecting duct
Why do antibiotics kill bacteria but not viruses?
a) Antibiotics stimulate the immune system against bacteria but not viruses b) Viruses have a way of blocking antibiotics c) Viruses are too small to be affected by antibiotics d) Viruses do not have a metabolism
Where in the kidney does ultrafiltration take place?
a) glomerulus b) loop of Henle c) proximal tubule d) collecting ducts
Which type of cell is responsible for secondary immune responses to a pathogen?
a) cytotoxic T-cells b) phagocytes c) macrophages d) memory cells
The movement of which ion initiates an action potential?
a) calcium b) magnesium c) sodium d) potassium
What is the function of the right ventricle?
a) Pumping blood into the pulmonary artery b) Pumping blood into the pulmonary vein c) Pumping blood into the aorta d) Pumping blood into the coronary artery
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