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Who was the Roman general who defeated Carthage?
a) Scipio b) Julius Caesar c) Hannibal d) Augustus
What significant event occured at the city of Pompeii?
a) The election of Julius Caesar b) Roman Civil War c) Mount Vesuvius buried the city in volcanic ash d) The fall of the Roman Empire
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated?
a) Carthage wanted revenge for losing the Punic Wars b) His dictatorship was ruining the republic c) His brother wanted the throne d) The emperor of the Eastern empire wanted complete control
Which of the following was a problem that lead to the decline of the Roman empire?
a) Food Shortages b) War with Germanic tribes c) Poor economy d) All of the above
Which of the following was not developed by the romans?
a) Arches b) Domes c) Vaults d) Bridges
Which of the following was Rome's biggest stadium?
a) Circus Maximus b) The Colosseum c) The aquaduct d) The Parthenon
What is a group of officals employed by the government?
a) Civil service b) Republic c) Senate d) Consuls
Who is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church?
a) The Dali Lama b) The Pope c) The Bishop d) The Torah
What is the name of a soldier for hire?
a) Gladiator b) Legion c) Mercenary d) All of the above
Who is a ruler with absolute power?
a) Consul b) Senator c) President d) Dictator
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