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Which Jewish man had followers that would become known as Christians?
a) The Pope b) Moses c) Jesus d) Caesar
In which type of government do the citizens elect representitives to rule in their name?
a) Democracy b) Socialism c) Dictatorship d) Republic
What Roman invention was used to move water to places it was needed?
a) Bath Houses b) Aqueducts c) Rivers d) Pipers
Who was the leader of Carthage that invaded Rome by land?
a) Scipio b) Moses c) Samual d) Hannibal
What name did Romans give to people they considered to be primitive and uncivilized?
a) Barbarians b) Gladiators c) Carthaginians d) Nomads
What is it called when the government counts the people in a country?
a) Head count b) Vice Versa c) Census d) Centurian
Which of the following are officials who led the executive branch of the Roman Republic?
a) Patricians b) Consuls c) Republics d) Plebeians
Which Roman Emporer ruled during the time called Pax Romana?
a) Julius Caesar b) Augustus c) Scipio d) Maximus
Who divided the Roman Empire into east and west?
a) Julius Caesar b) Augustus c) Octavian d) Diocletian
What or who was Rome named after?
a) Romania b) Remus c) Romulus d) Romano Cheese
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