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How many protons are in 56Fe+2
a) 56 b) 30 c) 26 d) 28
How many neutrons are in 60Ni+2?
a) 60 b) 28 c) 32 d) 30
How many electrons are in 15O-2?
a) 15 b) 10 c) 8 d) 6
What charge does the sulfate ion have?
a) +1 b) +2 c) -1 d) -2
What is the formula for chlorate?
a) ClO4-1 b) ClO3-1 c) ClO2-1 d) ClO-1
What is the name of HNO2?
a) nitrous acid b) nitric acid c) hydronitric acid d) hydronitrous acid
Choose the correct formula for chromium (III) sulfide.
a) CrS b) Cr3S c) CrS3 d) Cr2S3
Carbon tetrafluoride is
a) C4F b) CF4 c) C2F4 d) CF3
Nonmetal atoms tend to * electrons, forming *.
a) lose, cations b) gain, cations c) lose, anions d) gain, anions
Group 1A are the
a) alkali metals b) alkaline earth metals c) halogens d) noble gases
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