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You start your summer holidays!
a) June b) July c) January d) April
You celebrate May Day!
a) April b) September c) May d) March
You decorate the Christmas tree!
a) October b) December c) November d) January
You start a new year!
a) December b) February c) May d) January
You send a heart to your Valentine!
a) February b) May c) August d) January
You go hiking on the mountains!
a) November b) December c) February d) August
You swim in the sea!
a) March b) July c) December d) October
You play trick or treat!
a) November b) September c) October d) June
You start school again!
a) September b) May c) March d) October
You eat some delicious turkey!
a) July b) November c) May d) June
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