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Which organ system is responsible for exchanging gases?
a) respiratory b) circulatory c) digestive d) skeletal
Which organ system provides support, shape, structure, creates red blood cells in the bone marrow, and stores calcium and phosphorus?
a) muscular b) skeletal c) immune d) integumentary
Which organ system helps regulates body temperature, produces vitamin D, and aids in the protection of the body?
a) integumentary b) skeletal c) muscular d) respiratory
Which organ system enables the body to move?
a) respiratory b) integumentary c) digestive d) muscular
Which organ system breaks down food and removes nutrients from food?
a) muscular b) digestive c) immune d) circulatory
Which organ system removes wastes from the body?
a) digestive b) circulatory c) excretory d) immune
Which organ system aids in the defense against pathogens?
a) integumentary b) skeletal c) digestive d) immune
What organ system is the heart and blood vessels part of?
a) respiratory b) digestive c) circulatory d) immune
Which organ system directs and controls nearly every process in the body?
a) immune b) endocrine c) nervous d) respiratory
Which organ system are the alveoli, lungs, and diaphragm part of?
a) circulatory b) muscular c) digestive d) respiratory
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