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What disease causes red blood cells to take a different shape?
a) Sickle-Cell Disease b) Cystic Fibrosis c) d)
What is an important tool that geneticists use to trace the inheritance of certain traits?
a) Karyotypes b) Pedigree c) d)
What is inbreeding?
a) Involves crossing two individuals with similar characteristics b) Crossing two different individuals c) d)
What is inserting copies of a gene directly to a person’s cells?
a) Gene therapy b) Cloning c) d)
What is a trait controlled by many genes?
a) Height b) Widows peak c) d)
What is the Human Genome Project?
a) Genetic Engineering in other organisms b) A project to identify the DNA sequence of every gene in the human genome c) d)
What is One of the most common colorblindnes disorders?
a) Red-Green b) Black-White c) d)
Would it be a girl or a boy if the sex chromosomes are XY?
a) Girl b) Boy c) d)
What is an example of an environmental factor that can effect height?
a) Coffee b) Parents Genes c) d)
What is Down Syndrome?
a) A person has an extra copy of chromosome b) A person’s blood clots slowly or not at all c) d)
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