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Your emotional needs are likely to be met primarily in which social group?
a) team b) club c) class d) family
What is an example of a custom?
a) answering the door when someone knocks b) taking the bus to school c) having something to eat during lunch time d) putting a tree in the living room every Christmas
A custom is a type of:
a) holiday b) belief c) tradition d) history
Customs are most similar to:
a) songs b) cultures c) rules d) perspectives
Which element of culture is shared by the United States and Great Britain
a) daily customs b) national history c) language d) folk tales
Elements of culture serve to define specific:
a) areas in which people live b) groups of people c) types of music d) types of art
Which element of culture is MOST likely to be found in the greatest number of cultures?
a) Christian religion b) custom of having tea in the afternoon c) the Russian language d) practice of playing bagpipes
Elements of culture:
a) remains constant throughout history b) are always directly related to religion c) are strictly unique to specific cultures d) can be shared by different cultures
Culture is:
a) learned b) instinctive c) assigned at birth d) purchased
Which is an example of competition?
a) a war b) a baseball game c) an argument d) a fist fight
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