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The Bill of Rights guarantees citizens the right to?
a) a public education b) a free press c) vote d) public utilities
Which is a responsibility of a citizen in a state?
a) having children b) respecting friends c) supporting local businesses d) voting for governor
The Bill of Rights is part of which document?
a) Articles of Confederation b) Kentucky\'s State Constitution c) U.S. Consititution d) Declaration of Independence
It is important to pay taxes because:
a) it is not good for people to have too much money b) it is not important to pay taxes c) it is required by the Bill of Rights d) tax revenues are used to pay for public services
The first step toward actively participating in the election process is:
a) running for office b) voting in a primary election c) voting in a general election d) registering to vote
What are the 3 levels of government
a) town, state, national b) local, state, national c) state, govenor, federal d) local, federal, national,
Who is responsible for proposing federal laws?
a) city council b) The President of the United States c) Congress d) The Supreme Court
Which branch of government interprets the laws?
a) legislative b) executive c) judicial d) all three
What is the local equivalent of the President?
a) Governor b) Mayor c) Congress d) Speaker of the House
What document gives the structure for our government?
a) The U.S. Constitution b) Declaration of Independence c) The Bill of Rights d) The Articles of Confederation
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