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Smooth muscle in the walls of the ductus deferens create peristaltic waves to squeze sperm forward
a) Ejackulation b) Urethra c) Ejaculation d) Ducts
Which urethra is surrounded by prostate
a) Spongy b) Membranous c) Urethra d) Prostatic
Which one is not a accessory organ
a) Seminal vesicles b) Vesicles c) Prostate d) Bulbourethral Glands
How many days can the epididymis can store sperm
a) 5 b) 57 c) 20 d) 1
Sperm enters from what duct
a) Ejaclatory b) Malie c) Coiled d) Fish
Which is not a function of Ductus Deferens
a) Carries sperm to the epidedymis from ejaculatory duct b) Moves sperm by perislsis c) Expanded end is called the ampulla d) Passes through the inguinal canal and over the bladder
What carries both urine and sperm?
a) Bladder b) Penis c) Sugar d) Urethra
What percent of yellowish secrection has seman?
a) 20% b) 60% c) 100% d) 50%
Sperm travels into the what?
a) rete testis b) react testis c) poke testis d) Rete Testis
The primary sex organs
a) Ovaries b) Testes c) Dude where's my car? d) Gonads
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