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If a turtle has 24 chromosomes in its cell, how many chromosomes would be found in its unfertilized egg?
a) 24 b) 12 c) 6 d)
Phenotype refers to:
a) what the trait physically looks like b) capital letters c) small letters d)
The function of cell meiosis is to:
a) produce a new cell b) produce haploid gametes prior to fertilization c) make DNA d)
What are gametes?
a) sperm and eggs b) brain cells c) ham and eggs d)
Karyotype is a chart of human chromosomes which reveal:
a) age b) sex c) gene dominance d)
The theory of natural selection states that a species that does not adapt to changes in the environment will most likely:
a) mutate b) become extinct c) double in population d)
The function of Meiosis is to produce sex cells. The function of Mitosis is to:
a) make muscles b) increase bone mass c) produce two identical cells d)
During which cell function are the number of chromosomes cut in half?
a) Mitosis b) Meisosis c) Binary Fission d)
Photographs of chromosomes are developed, cut up and arranged in homologous pairs. This process is called:
a) karyotyping b) researching c) arranging d)
The process of change in a population over the course of time is called:
a) mitosis b) evolution c) extinction d)
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