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Located in the center of the earth
a) Permanent magnet b) c) Both d) Electromagnet
Can be found in a motor
a) Both b) c) Permanent d) Electromagnet
Electrons are aligned and all spin in the same direction
a) Both b) c) Permanent magnet d) Electromagnet
Can be made of iron, steel, nickel or cobalt
a) Both b) c) Electromagnet d) Permanent
Usually found in a simple compass
a) Permanent b) c) Both d) Electromagnet
Can incree the strength of it by adding more wire coils or increasing the power supply
a) Electromagnet b) c) Permanent d) Both
Can be turned on or off
a) Electromagnet b) c) Both d) Permanent
Has a magnetic field
a) Both b) c) Electromagnet d) Permanent
Has a power source
a) Electromagnet b) Permanent c) Both d)
Opposite poles will attract
a) Both b) Electromagnet c) Permanent d)
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