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What is the study of the development of embryos of organisms?
a) Fossils b) Evolution c) Natural Selection d) Embryology
What are the remains of life from an earlier time?
a) Embryos b) Fossils c) Adaptations d) Camouflage
Scientists compare what to determine if organisms are closely related?
a) DNA b) Hair Color c) Teeth d) Scientific Names
What are structures that are reduced in size and have no obvious function/job?
a) Fossils b) Homologous c) Vestigial d) Australopithecus
What kind of hominid what Lucy?
a) Fossils b) Homologous c) Vestigial d) Australopithecus
A change in hereditary features over time is
a) Embryology b) Evolution c) Homologous d) Special
Natural Selection is also called
a) Evolution b) Adaptations c) Camouflage d) Survival of the fittest
A variation that makes an organism better suited to its environment for survival is
a) Evolution b) Adaptation c) Camouflage d) Survival of the fittest
Who were humalike primates that walked upright on two legs and ate plants and animals?
a) Hominids b) Humans c) Homo sapiens d) Animals
What is a group of organisms that look alike and can reproduce among themselves?
a) Hominids b) Humans c) Species d) Animals
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