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In multicellular organisms, cell division is required for growth and
a) circulation b) locomotion c) repair d) respiration
Which condition is the result of abnormal cell division
a) cancer b) pregnancy c) infection d) extinction
Which term describes an organism's ability to maintain a stable environment?
a) reproduction b) extinction c) locomotion d) regulation
What is the result of cellular respiration?
a) Energy for cell processes is released b) Oxygen is released for photosynthesis c) Cells undergo decomposition d) Nutrients are excreted to prevent the buildup of body fat
To provide energy for the work that cells do, all cells need:
a) chloroplasts b) nutrients c) atmospheric nitrogen d) carbon dioxide
One important difference between living things and nonliving things is that only living things have:
a) compounds b) elements c) molecules d) cells
What is the outermost structure in a plant cell?
a) cell membrane b) cytoplasm c) cell wall d) chloroplast
Cells are to tissues as tissues are to:
a) microbes b) organs c) systems d) bacteria
What do all organisms need to survive?
a) energy b) blood c) carbon dioxide d) soil
Which life process is shown by the equation: oxygen + food ---> carbon dioxide + water + energy
a) circulation b) reproduction c) locomotion d) respiration
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