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A light-absorbing moleule
a) ATP b) phospholipid c) pigment d) ADP
the principal pigment in plants
a) chlorophyll b) pigmentene c) carontene d) xanthophyll
An organism that can produce its own food
a) heterotroph b) zebra c) mushroom d) autotroph
An organism that needs to eat to obtain energy
a) autotroph b) heterotroph c) tree d) plant
the cell\'s basic unit of energy
a) ATP b) FADH c) NADPH d) ADP
Where do the light-dependent reactions take place?
a) stroma b) outer membrane c) thylakoid d) inner membrane
What organelle does photosynthesis take place in?
a) mitochondrion b) lysosome c) ribosome d) chloroplast
Where does the calvin cycle take place?
a) stroma b) inner membrane c) outer membrane d) thylakoid
How many phosphates does ATP have?
a) one b) four c) three d) two
How many phosphates does ADP have?
a) one b) four c) three d) two
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