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A graph is also called a:
a) picture b) square c) table d) chart
Which type of graph would best show how you spent your allowance?
a) bar chart b) pie chart c) line chart d) area chart
Which pair of letters identifies the axes on a graph?
a) X and Y b) V and W c) C and D d) A and B
Which of the following commands would you use to insert a graph into a word processing document?
a) align, center b) help, insert c) copy, paste d) format, chart
In a bar chart, what should be viewed to determine what the colors of the bar mean?
a) pie chart b) values c) row heading d) legend
What chart type is the most appropriate to display changes over time?
a) line b) column c) pie d) bar
Which of the following does a spreadsheet contain?
a) Columns and rows b) circles and squares c) fields and records d) forms and reports
Column headings in a spreadsheet are labeled with:
a) roman numerals b) numbers c) greek symbols d) letters
A group of highlighted cells is called a
a) cell range b) cell address c) field d) graph
For which of the following is a formula used?
a) make a graph b) draw a picture c) calculate d) enter data
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