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In a tetrahedral structure the bond angle is * degrees.
a) 180 b) 120 c) 109.5 d) 90
In an octahedral structure, the bond angle is * degrees
a) 180 b) 120 c) 109.5 d) 90
What is the electron geometry of SF6?
a) tetrahedral b) trigonal bipyramidal c) seesaw d) octahedral
What is the hybridization of C in CH4?
a) sp b) sp2 c) sp3 d) sp3d
Is CH4 polar or nonpolar?
a) polar b) nonpolar c) d)
What is the molecular geometry of H2S?
a) tetrahedral b) trigonal pyramidal c) bent d) T-shaped
Atomic orbitals from one atom mix to form * orbitals.
a) molecular b) bonding c) anti-bonding d) hybrid
A * bond is made of 1 sigma and 2 pi bonds.
a) single b) double c) triple d) coordinate covalent
Hybridization is based on the * geometry.
a) electron b) molecular c) d)
Polarity is based on the * geometry.
a) electron b) molecular c) d)
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