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How much an item costs is it\'s
a) price b) allowance c) money d) currency
Money is considered a
a) cent b) money c) currency d) allowance
What coin equals ten cents or one tenth of a dollar?
a) penny b) quarter c) nickel d) dime
What coin is twenty-five cents or one quarter of a dollar?
a) nickel b) penny c) quarter d) dime
What coin is one cent or one hundredth of a dollar?
a) nickel b) penny c) dime d) quarter
What coin is five cents is one twentieth of a dollar?
a) penny b) dime c) quarter d) nickel
A bill worth one hundred pennies is a
a) cent b) penny c) dollar d) currency
To give and take coins and bills or to interchange is called making
a) coin b) change c) currency d) dollar
An amount of money given regularly, such as once a week is an
a) save b) money c) allowance d) dollar
To keep money for a particular purpose
a) allowance b) dollar c) currency d) save
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