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Who was attacked on the Rio Grande by Mexican troops in April 1846?
a) General Santa Ana b) General Winifield Scott c) General Zachary Taylor d) General Arista
Which people did Americans discriminate against during and after the Mexican American War?
a) Spaniards b) Tejanos c) Mexicans d) Americans
Who had the name \
a) Texas Rangers b) Moderators c) Regulators d) Rough Riders
Which battle did General Scott win by taking the port at Veracruz?
a) Battle of Mission Concepcion b) Battle of Palo Alto c) Battle of Mexico City d) Battle of Resaca de la Palma
What did President Polk believe in that inspired his westward expansion of the United States?
a) American Expansionism b) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo c) Manifest Destiny d) Diplomatic Relations
What two events occurred prior to Polk\'s Declaration of War?
a) Boundary disputes and Texas annexation b) Boundary disputes with New Mexico and Texas annexation c) Purchase offer of 15 million and boundary conflicts over Nueces River d) Purchase offer of 30 million and border conflict on the Rio Grande
Who in the following list was not a Texas Ranger?
a) James K Polk b) Ben McCulloch c) John \ d) John Coffee Hays
Which of the following resolves the boundary issue between Texas and New Mexico?
a) Treaties of Velasco b) Declaration of Independence c) Compromise of 1850 d) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Which of the following allows for $3.25 million to be payed in war reparation?
a) Compromise of 1850 b) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo c) Treaties of Velasco d) Law of April 06, 1830
Following the end of the Mexican American War the United States gains how much land?
a) 100,000 miles b) 600,000 miles c) 53,000 miles d) 529,000 miles
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