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Judicial Review was the result of which court case?
a) Marbury v. Washington b) Marbury v. Adams c) Marbury v. Jefferson d) Marbury v. Madison
The main objective for Lewis and Clark was to?
a) Find gold and other riches b) Remove all Native americans with force c) Record all findings and make accurate maps d) Force all other European nations off the land
Toussant L Overture led a revolt in which French colony?
a) Florida b) Haiti c) Hondoras d) Cuba
When the British were seizing American merchant ships they also kidnapped and forced the sailors to work on their ships.
a) Impressment b) Tecumseh c) slavery d) Embargo
When a person or group of people have alot of pride in one's country?
a) Democratic b) Imperialism c) Nationalism d) Sectionalism
Federalists met at this convention and threatened to leave the nation if the war did not end?
a) New York Convention b) Hartford Convention c) Albany Convention d) D.C. Convention
What river would Lewis and Clark start out on if they left St. Louis and headed west?
a) Missouri b) Ohio c) Arkansas d) Mississippi
Jefferson was upset at Britain and france for seizing American trade ships so he encouraged that this act be passed?
a) Trade Act b) Non-Intercourse Act c) Interstate Commerce Act d) Embargo Act
What did Francis Scott Key write while imprisoned at Fort McHenry?
a) Pledge of Allegience b) Stars and Stripes c) Star Spangled Banner d) America the Beautiful
These Nationalists wanted to invade Canada
a) War Hawks b) Republicans c) Federalists d) sacajawea
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