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Name the term for a government by one ruler.
a) Monarchy b) Oligarchy c) Democracy d) Theocracy
Name a sea which borders Greece.
a) Aegean b) Black c) Caspian d) Indian
Name the Greek ruler who created a huge library.
a) Alexander b) Socrates c) Homer d) Plato
Name the Greek ruler who expanded the empire all the way to India.
a) Alexander b) Zeus c) Menes d) Pericles
Name the term for the large hill at the center of a Greek city-state.
a) Acropolis b) Parthenon c) Agora d) Assembly
Name the area of study which Socrates taught.
a) Philosophy b) Astronomy c) Literature d) Religion
Name the goddess honored by the people of Athens.
a) Athena b) Madeira c) Helena d) Zeus
Name the group of people who were citizens in Greece.
a) Men b) Women c) Slaves d) Helots
Name a main crop of Greece.
a) Olives b) Maize c) Rice d) Rye
Name the body of water to the south of the Peloponnesus.
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Aegean Sea c) Atlantic Ocean d) Adriatic Sea
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