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An example of an elastic material is a
a) clay ball b) rubber ball c) d)
The time required for a wave to complete one cycle is the
a) frequency b) period c) amplitude d) wavelength
The number of cycles per second for a wave is
a) frequency b) period c) amplitude d) wavelength
How are frequency and period related?
a) directly b) inversely c) They are not related. d)
A transverse wave will travel through
a) solids b) liquids c) gases d) all 3 phases
Sound waves are
a) transverse b) longitudinal c) rotational d)
When a wave bounces off a barrier this is called
a) transmission b) refraction c) reflection d)
Does sound travel the same speed in all mediums?
a) yes b) no c) d)
How are frequency and pitch related?
a) high frequency = low pitch b) high frequency = high pitch c) Frequency and pitch are not related. d)
When 2 waves overlap in-phase this is called * interference.
a) constructive b) destructive c) d)
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